What the hell is this?

Drinking Logs
The Post-Apocalyptic Drinking Revolution

Well, if this site isn't making sense to you, you either
weren't there or you just can't remember being there.
Its really up to you to decide.

Having said that, if you don't know what this page is
about, you probably weren't meant to understand it.
No offense, but its really not something that I could
explain if I had to. Feel free to poke around and send
me a note. Just don't ask "Why?"

A note about the logs in general. Anything in the log
that's highlighted in red are my additions and anno-
tations. Other than that, if its mis-spelled, you wrote
it that way in the log; if it doesn't make sense, you
were drunk when you wrote it; and if it says I can't
read it, then your writing skills are probably state